What’s Happening

We are so excited that, after 13 years of renting, we have purchased our very own building! Yeah God! Renovations are currently in process. We hope to be meeting in our new space by mid-November 2020.

Overflow envisions this new space as a Hub.  A hub is “a center around which other things revolve or from which they radiate; a focus of activity and authority” (Webster’s Dictionary).  We’re calling this Hub The Tap.

We envision The Tap as a hub of creative space. That means we will have space to engage the surrounding neighborhood, space for learning and leadership training, space to dream and create, space for the churches of Chambersburg to gather and celebrate together, and a space where good food and great coffee are the norm!

Overflow Community Church is not a building – we are people from different cultures and backgrounds who have chosen to make Jesus their center or their hub.  The Tap will be a place where everyone who comes, for any reason, will be given the opportunity to encounter Jesus.     

Come and see for yourself! Directions to The Tap are here.