Safety and Security Policy

We are committed to being a safe space where people can meet and connect with our faith community.


Safety and Security policies are defined and enforced so that we can maintain an environment of welcome and openness in balance with providing a safe and secure place for community building. 

The scope of this document covers building access, security personnel, safety on the grounds, children’s program workers, and Megan’s Law. Additional details and policies may be contained within the documentation of a particular area such as TAP facility rentals or children’s programming.


In the interest of property security and prevention of theft  the building remains locked when not in use for scheduled events or appointments. There is a set of individuals (pastor, administrative staff, facility care team, worship leader, etc.) who have a key to open the building. In addition there is a combination coded lock box with an access key for additional persons (lifegroup leaders, youth leaders, kitchen staff, etc) who regularly need access to the building. The combination to this lock box will be changed periodically as needed and the persons with authorization will be notified of the new code.

Special requests for access to the building can be made to the administrative assistant or by contacting someone from the leadership or facility care teams.

It is the responsibility of whoever opens the building to make sure that they or someone they designate locks all entrance doors when they are finished.


While there is not a set of rules about how the grounds are to be used during service and events it is important to note that the property is bordered by two very busy roads and that the parking lot has for many years been used as a shortcut between Lincoln Way West and Loudon street. There is no one policing the outside grounds during services or events and it is up to parents and guardians to ensure that children remain safe when outside the building. It is recommended that children remain within the building or on the deck when they are without adult supervision.


For all regular Sunday morning services there will be someone in attendance who is responsible for building security. This team is set up and maintained by the hospitality coordinator.  Sunday security involves keeping an eye out for unusual activity within the building or on the grounds. Any person under the influence of drugs or alcohol, displaying disruptive behavior, or threatening the safety of any individual or the group will be handled directly by the security person.  


In order to work with children at OCC, persons will need to complete a set of background checks.  In every childrens class or activity the primary leader/teacher will need to have an up to date, clean background check certification on file.  Safety and security measures dealing directly with children (ex. Class sign in) are in place for Sunday services. The detailed policies for children’s programs are set and maintained by the Children’s program director.


Megan’s law deals with the requirements and limitations put on persons who have had a conviction as a sex offender. If there is someone who has this classification and wishes to be a regular attender and part of the church we have a process for them to complete that will help ensure safety within the church and protect the integrity and reputation of the person involved. That process involves a meeting with the pastor and requires a signed code of conduct document that outlines expectations and procedures when the person is participating in a church service (such as checking in with the Security person). Additionally team leaders are notified when the individual is part of their group (ex. worship team, lifegroups). The code of conduct document is developed and maintained by the Elder team.